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Communication & marketing strategy


A Brief

Minds was commissioned to design and execute the launch campaign for Ikos’ revamped website. Our mission was to capture the essence of Ikos Unconditional Luxury in a short movie, while featuring the new design of the website in an engaging and eye catching approach.

The "thinking" of

“Search is an act of curiosity driven by the need to discover and experience the unknown yet desired.”

Inspired by this need and desire for discoveries, our storytelling for the launch video celebrates the “Search”, this unstoppable will that leads to the discovery of the new Ikos website in the digital realm and all the unique  amenities in all locations around the world.

And so the brainstorming begun. When it comes to conceptual thinking we are all about metaphors, subconscious meanings and visual translation. It all seemed to click when we realized, that even though size matters, the content still remains the most impactful aspect of “Vikos” Natural Mineral Water.

We found our inspiration. All the little joys of life where revealing their positive effect on our daily lives. Small things matter! Uneventful circumstances are truly impactful. Unexpected things lift our mood. All those little joys of life became the creative foundation of our new digital campaign.

Intriguing of the audience with compelling visuals and tone of voice as goal  lead us to the creation of a strong and motivational Call to Action that reveals the discovery/launch of the new Ikos’ website! Dare to discover is the main campaign message that accompanies the new digital home of Ikos. 

The "make
it happen"

We launched our campaign for the new Ikos’ website in all digital channels. With a long and a short version our launching video introduced the website to a great digital audience and conveyed all the major pillars that express and bring to life Ikos’ Unconditional Luxury. 

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