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Communication & marketing strategy


A Brief

Our collaboration with Mr. Gadget is evolving constantly. This time around we were commissioned to revitalize the brand’s digital image with a series of short videos mainly for digital use. The main goal was to present the extensive range of products that Mr. Gadget has to offer while engaging with the younger audience of our target group.

The "thinking" of

Inspired by all the different personas both in real life and in the digital landscape, we decided to create short videos based on these different personas and correlate them to each product category. Our strategic goal was to identify with the characters of our audience while showcasing all the major characteristics of Mr. Gadget’s products.

And so the brainstorming begun. When it comes to conceptual thinking we are all about metaphors, subconscious meanings and visual translation. It all seemed to click when we realized, that even though size matters, the content still remains the most impactful aspect of “Vikos” Natural Mineral Water.

We found our inspiration. All the little joys of life where revealing their positive effect on our daily lives. Small things matter! Uneventful circumstances are truly impactful. Unexpected things lift our mood. All those little joys of life became the creative foundation of our new digital campaign.

The "make
it happen"

Along with Photoshooters, a production studio based in Thessaloniki, we produced 35 videos with fresh visuals and a playful tone of voice. Our videos were featured on Mr. Gadget’s TikTok, Instagram and Instagram profiles.