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Minds was commissioned to design the new digital campaign of OASTH, during the outburst of COVID-19. OASTH (Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization) was founded in 1957 and is the monopoly of the management and operation of the public urban transportation for the city of Thessaloniki.
With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s request was to launch a digital campaign, with an informative character for passengers.
Our main goal was to communicate the values of safety, alongside the responsibility that was shown by OASTH by the protective measures that were taken immediately. We focused on communicating in the best possible way the significance of using public transportation responsibly.

"Drive by everyone's safety
we move forward.
Use public transport responsibly".

Our campaign was launched in the official website of OASTH, and also in a large number of news portals in the Municipality of Central Macedonia.